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How Tongue Piercings Affect Oral Health in Aurora, CO

Piercings have become increasingly popular with teenagers, including tongue piercings.  Our dentist wants to make sure that teenagers know about the complications to oral health that can come from tongue and mouth piercings. If your teen does have a tongue piercing, our dentist can recommend special hygiene steps to take to keep your mouth healthy.

Because tongue piercings are left in full-time to prevent the hole form closing up, this can lead to movement of the teeth. The tongue piercing creates a constant pressure against the teeth, which can cause them to shift over time. This can lead to gaps in your teeth or a misalignment of your bite.

Tongue Piercings can also cause cracking and chipping of teeth from the piercing colliding with the enamel. When you eat or talk, it is simple to bump the piercing into your teeth and crack or chip a piece of the tooth. If your teen already has damage from tooth decay, the odds of this can be much higher.

Piercings in the mouth can also lead to bacterial infections. It is important to properly clean and care for your piercing, and our dentist can provide you with steps to keep your mouth healthy.

If your teen is considering a tongue piercing, or if they already have one, schedule an appointment with our dental team today.