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Dental Care for Children with Autism in Aurora, CO

How Can My Autistic Child Enjoy Their Dental Visit?

Visiting the dentist can cause anxiety in anyone, especially during the first visit to a new dentist. If your child has autism, that feeling of fear and anxiety can be overwhelming, but it is still extremely important that they visit the dentist for regular visits. Children that avoid dental visits due to anxiety can be at risk for a number of issues, including tooth decay or periodontal issues.

At Smile Dental 4 Kids, our general dentist for kids is experienced in treating children with special needs. Our team will make sure your child feels comfortable with the office and staff, and help make the dental office a place that doesn’t generate fear and anxiety. Our team will work closely with you and your child to ensure everyone is comfortable during the exam and treatment.  By encouraging a great dental experience we can help ease fear of future visits and ensure that your child’s oral health is always taken care of. Regular dental visits will help keep your child’s smile healthy for a lifetime.

If your child has autism, contact our office today and schedule an appointment with our dental professionals.