Digital Dental X-Rays in Aurora, CO

Advances in technology have improved almost all aspects of dental care, including recent advances in the X-ray technology used by our general dentist for children. While the process of using digital X-rays is similar to a traditional X-ray, digital X-rays coming with a number of benefits.

When taking a digital X-ray, our dental team will place a sensor in your mouth that will allow them to capture images of your teeth, including the roots. Once the digital image has been taken, it will immediately be transferred to the office computer for the dentist to use without the wait time associated with traditional X-rays.

The speed of availability of the digital images provides our dental professionals with a number of benefits. As a patient, your child will spend less time in the dental chair waiting on X-rays to develop. The images produced will also be of a higher quality, allowing our general dentist for children to provide the best care.

Digital X-rays produce significantly less radiation than a traditional X-ray. Digital X-ray equipment exposes patients to up to 90% less radiation than a traditional X-ray. And since the images are stored digitally, digital X-rays are also better for the environment than traditional X-rays.

To learn more about digital X-rays and how they can benefit your child’s care, contact our office today!

dentist showing x-ray of teeth to patient