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Children’s Nerve Treatments in Aurora, CO

When Are Nerve Treatments Necessary?

If your child’s primary teeth are experiencing extensive decay or if they have received damage from an injury, our dental team may recommend nerve treatments to restore the integrity of the tooth as well as prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth. Our team will first take X-rays, and based on the results will typically suggest either a pulpectomy or a pulpotomy. 

What Is the Difference Between Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy?

If our general dentist for children detects that the decay or damage is only present in the tooth’s crown, they will likely recommend a pulpotomy. A pulpotomy will involve the dentist removing the infected tissue of the tooth but leaving the root live intact. After this treatment, the tooth will receive a dental crown to finalize the restoration.

If our dental team detects an infection in both the crown of the tooth as well as the root, then a pulpectomy will be the recommended course of action. During a pulpectomy, all the pulp material will be removed from both the crown and the roots. These canals will be disinfected and filled with dental cement before a dental crown is applied.

To determine if your child needs a children’s nerve treatment, visit our Aurora, CO dental office today.