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Healthy Dental Habits in Aurora, CO

As your child grows they will learn a number of good habits that will help them grow into adulthood. When teaching your child good habits, healthy dental habits should be at the top of your list. Building healthy dental habits will establish lifelong care for your child’s oral health, leading to a healthy smile and better long-term health.

What Healthy Dental Habits Should My Child Know?

There are a number of important dental habits that you should teach your child, starting with proper brushing of their teeth.  Your child should brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day to keep their teeth free of decay. Your child should also floss daily along with brushing.

Your child should have regular visits scheduled with the dentist for check-ups and cleaning. These appointments will get your child used to visiting the dentist regularly, which is an important habit they will need for their entire life. Our general dentist for children will also help to advise your child on ways to improve the preventative care of their mouth and additional services that can help like Fluoride Treatments and Dental Sealants.

Schedule an appointment with our general dentist for children today and let our dental team help build healthy dental habits for your child.