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Dental Exams in Aurora, CO

Dental exams are an important part of your child’s oral health. Some children look at visits to the dentist as a fun and exciting adventure, while others approach their appointment with fear and anxiety. Our dental team will make every effort to make your child’s visit a positive one, here’s how you can prepare your child for their dental check-up and exam.

The most important part of the dental exam starts at home with proper brushing and flossing by your child.  Teaching your child the importance of home care for their teeth can improve their overall oral health, which can make for a better dental exam than one that has to treat tooth decay.

When your child visits our office, our team will welcome them into the examination room where they will have their dental cleaning and exam with our hygienist and dentist. Our general dentist for children will look for the signs that your child’s teeth are strong a healthy, and will suggest any times for improving your child’s overall dental hygiene.  

Don’t wait to schedule your child’s dental exam, contact our office and get started on a healthier smile today!